About Us

Red Sky At Night is a jewellery label inspired by a fascination of mystic relics and archaic artefacts from eons past...

Designer Georgia Howard has cultivated a strong background in design through studies in fashion design, illustration and jewellery.
Having always used adornment as a channel for self expression, Georgia felt her passion for creating was best conveyed through the medium of jewellery design. She aims to channel her sources of inspiration into innovative, handcrafted and powerful jewellery.

All pieces are created using the ancient technique of lost wax casting.  
Using this method results in unique and organic shapes that are blended with the earth's natural minerals and luminous elements such as silver, gold, crystals, stones in natural and polished states.

Red Sky At Night aims to allow the wearer self expression and confidence through adornment.
Pieces are raw, primal and unique.